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Bloody Walk Adventure VII 2017 (ENG)

Dogtrekking race propositions

BLOODY WALK adventrure VII.


Open dogtrekking championship of the czech national breeds

30th June - 2nd July

Černý Důl

Organizer: Sportovní klub ČSV & spol., z.s.
Venue: Autocamp Slunečná, Čistá v Krkonoších, 543 44, Černý Důl
Attendance check:    dogtrekking (DT) - Friday 30th June, 7:00
                                    dogmarathon (DM) - Saturday, 1st July, 07:00 - 09:00
                                    Hot dog short - Saturday, 1st July, 07:00 - 10:00
Time of start:  DT - Friday, 10:00 - 12:00
                        DM - Saturday, 07:00 - 09:00
                        Short - Saturday, 07:00 - 10:00
Starting fee:    DT - 300,-
                        DM - 200,-
                        Short - 60,- (under 13 years free entry)
Lenght of the tracks: DT - max. 100 km, time limit 50 hours
                                    DM - max. 50 km, time limit 24 hours
                                    Short - max. 25 km, track will be closed on Sunday
Track and race program:
Presentation on the tracks and all necessary information will take place in the morning before the start of the race on Friday. Individual starts will take place between 10:00 and 12:00.
There are 3 speed tests (ST) and one mountain premium (MP) within BW race.
ST number 1 - Start of the main race is also the start of the 1st 3 km long ST, the dog must walk the first 100 metres in boots.
ST number 2 - There is a refreshment station after 55 km of the race, which is open 24 hours a day. After refreshment, short rest or bivak the next 3 km is the second ST.
ST number 3 - Prolog will be replaced by a different race - an Epilog. At the very end of the race you will be allowed to take off your backpack for the last 3 kilometres = ST number 3.
First 20 participants will be awarded points - winner gets 20 points, second gets 19 and so on… The winner also receives an orange jersey for the Most active dogtrekker of BW (in male and female category).
Mountain premium
Roughly after 90% of the race the competitors get to a peak of the competition. At the point of the steepest slope there is the MP. Who manages the best time when climbing up receives a jersey for the Best climber of BW. There are no categories for MP.
This year the track does not reach Sněžka, but if the proposed track gets authorized the altitude difference will satisfy your deepest wishes.
Most of the track runs through the Krkonoše national park and it is necessary to strictly follow all visitor rules.
Veterinary conditions
Dogs must be healthy and have a valid vaccination (at least 3 days old) in their vaccination certificate. Will be checked on the day of start.
Race characteristics
It is an extreme endurance sport, which involves a man and his dog completing a given track in certain time limit. In the DT and DM categories the race is established as an Open dogtrekking championship of the czech national breeds of the Czech Republic. However, it is opened for all the other breeds as well.
Through this relatively new sport we would like to introduce czech national breeds to the world outside the exhibitions environment.
The dog must be linked to its owner during the whole race by a lead or special harness. Participants can only rely on themselves and participate at their own risk.
The race takes place within the official rules of dogtrekking - you can find the full regulations list at the start or on
Accomodation:            Autocamp Slunečná
                                    Čistá v Krkonoších 543 44
                                    Černý Důl
Accomodation fee:    to be specified in due course, reservation of the accomodation to be arranged between the participant and the camp directly.
Compulsory equipment
Itinerary + registration card (provided by the organizer), a map, a first aid kit (classic bandage, elastic bandage, 5 plasters, isothermal foil), 2 boots for each dog, food for the dog and the competitor, 1 litre of drinking water, a bowl for the dog, sleeping equipment (at least a sleeping bag and a mat), a torch. Compulsory equipment will be checked.
Recommendation: For DT and DM we recomend KČT 22 Krkonoše and KČT 23 Podkrkonoší maps.
Check-points: pincers for cross-country + checked by the organizers.
Other conditions
The competitors can create groups of maximum two people. The dog must be linked to the owner during the whole race. Violation of this rule results in immediate disqualification.
Protests: at the latest - 07:00 on the 3rd July.
Categories:      DT for all participating breeds + DT for czech national breeds
                                    dtm1 - men up to 40 y. o.        dtw1 - women up to 35 y. o.
                                    dtm2 - men over 40                 dtw2 - women over 35
DM       men with no age distinction
            women with no age distinction
Short       no age and gender distinction
Categories will by opened only wit at least 3 participants in each category. If you wish to participate in DT you need to be at least 18 years old.
Starting fee to be paid via bank transfer to this account: 2501157347/2010
(include your phone numer stated on the application to distinguish your payment). Due to limited amount of starting positions, starting fee needs to be paid within 5 days from the application sent otherwise your position will be given to the next participant.
The application proces ends 10 days before the beginning of the race or when all starting positions are occupied.